Available castles at a glance

In the adjacent map you will find a selection of castles for sale in Germany, Italy and France.

Click on the map markers for more information about the castles.

The link at the end of the description text takes you to the real estate agents website. There you will often find further information and pictures of the respective castle.

Castles in Europe

There are several thousand castles and palaces for sale in Europe between 1 and 100 Mill Euros. Some are government-owned, some are family-owned private properties, some are owned by institutions or companies.

We have selected a representative portfolio of castles available for sale to give you a feeling for the high degree of variability, quality and size of those properties.

We have intentionally eliminated “cheap” castles or “super castles” to feature the very market segment from which we select our castle candidates.

Castle availability

The market for castles is small and it is a buyer’s market. Accordingly, sales cycles are long and castles remain on the respective websites for a long time. While we cannot guarantee that a castle you see on our website is still available at the time you look at it chances are quite high it is.